Gynecology: Breast Care

We feel that a breast self-examination is an important part of a woman’s overall health. We review breast self-exams with our patients at their annual well-woman visits or at any other time if a problem or a concern arises.

Office breast examinations are an integral part of the annual well-woman visit as well.

Mammography is recommended for all woman once a year beginning at age 40, and may be started earlier in certain situations.

We assist our patients in scheduling their yearly mammograms and we review the mammogram report personally.  If additional testing is recommended we will be happy to discuss the specific test and the reason for the recommendation and will assist in scheduling it promptly.  Other testing may include studies such as these:

  • A repeat digital mammogram with magnification views
  • A breast ultrasound
  • An MRI of the breast
  • An evaluation of discharges from the nipple
  • A consultation with a Geneticist when a family history of cancer is of concern

If a specific question or concern arises on a breast exam or in a test result, a consultation with a breast surgeon is generally most helpful. We work closely with the most experienced breast specialists in our area and will be happy as well to assist our patients in arranging a consultation.

In some cases a woman’s family history may suggest a hereditary risk of breast cancer (or other female cancers).  We generally recommend a consultation to determine whether a specific risk is present.

It is also possible to identify certain genes, which may be responsible for a woman’s heightened risk of breast (or other) cancer by blood testing (BRCA genes and others).  This testing is readily available through our office as well as a genetic center. Our medical providers will review your family medical history with you and if there is a question of such a risk, we will assist you in arranging a consultation. We will meet with you to review the results and discuss specific recommendations for maintaining your good health.