Gynecology: Osteoporosis

As we live to increasingly older ages, loss of strength in our bones becomes more common.

These changes are generally silent but may have devastating consequences for a woman’s health if a serious bone fracture occurs.

Baseline Bone Density (DEXA) testing is recommended for all women by age 65, earlier if specific risk factors for osteoporosis are identified.

Specific risk factors for osteoporosis include:

  • Family history of osteoporosis
  • Medical conditions
  • A history of cancer
  • Early menopause
  • Prolonged use of certain medications
  • Unexplained fractures

We provide comprehensive evaluation of osteoporosis risk in our offices including:

  • Review of personal and family medical history
  • Bone Density Testing (DEXA) referrals, reviewed with you by your healthcare provider.
  • Specific blood testing, also drawn in our office
  • Consultation with an endocrinologist specializing in bone density problems and management of osteoporosis when needed. We work closely with the leading specialists in our area in providing integrated care for our patients.